Un feto schiacciato senza tre falangi

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"Un feto schiacciato senza tre falangi" (A crushed foetus without three phalanges) is an extreme music drama that spans from traditional Italian old school hardcore, to D-beat and to thrash metal. A concept album with grotesque tints, in which rebellion against patriarchy ends in suicide, social emancipation is humiliated by sexual blackmail, revenge is swept away by repression and perversion is sublimated into necrophilia. Scheletro was formed in Rome by four friends, with the intention of playing live in the hardcore scene that organizes benefit gigs in squats to support self-organized libertarian activities, movements and prisoners. "Let's play something easy and rough in order to get the band together quickly and hit the stages as soon as possible" said one of them once. Too bad the members were so lazy that the band's first rehearsal took place in 2011, the second in 2012 and by 2013 they decided to start practicing as often as once a month. They then started playing several gigs in squats and small clubs in Rome and other parts of Italy and in three years time they were able write enough material for a short album, entitled "Farfalle Dentro Al Vomito" ("Butterflies In The Vomit"), which they recorded in 2016 and released in 2018. This 10" LP, limited to 250 copies and released through the international DIY network, conveyed the band unexpected attention from national metal media channels, followed by invitations to a few big festivals. They are about to release their second album in 2022