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Now also available as double-vinyl-LP, with gatefold-cover and many previously on vinyl unreleased studio bonus-tracks from the last extended CD-version: plus the studio-longtrack "Electric Friends" from Archive Vol. 6 CD!! The french -Prog-Magazin Acid Dragon Nr. 44/2007 wrote: "Three continues the fine tradition established by an excellent retro-rock improvisational trio on their "Krautrocksessions" and "Kraut Lok" CDs/DLPs. "Dark Star" is an early Pink Floyd influenced piece and a strong opener, "Saurus" begins with a familiar Chord progression but becomes more experimental and ethereal as the 7 minutes progresses. "Trip Vitesse" is a bit of a surprise with Tom Kunkel´s Hammond providing a Jimmy McGriff/Smith or to get slightly more up to date Brian Auger tinged jazz rock piece. "Mountain High" is well named and gives more than a hint of the musical style- `Nantucket Sleighride` anyone? Heavy blues based rock then with similarities to `voodoo chile`and a neat `question and answer` session between organ and Tommy Gorny´s guitar that briefly recalled the late great Rory Gallagher. A host of classic late sixties/early seventies influences percolate through the music distilled into something fresh, vibrant and entirely relevant to todays listener. The band is at his most expansive on the 19:42 of "La Mano De Dios" with the experimental vista of an Amon Düül II, the subtlety of Focus and the atmospheric of "A Saucerful of Secrets" combined with some heavy riffing that you might expect from Deep Purple or Allman Brothers. Kudos once again for the energetic drumming of producer Christian Jäger, whose empathetic playing underpins some breathtaking variations. Totally recommended, "Three" as an unqualified success!"