For The Storms

The Grieving Path

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"The Grieving Path" is a dark casket that reveals the deepest and most intimate emotions and sensations, where a pain-torn mind describes life as a slow journey, step by step, through a feeling of overwhelming discomfort and acceptance coming from awareness, of the form of life itself. A funeral song for darker times. Mourning, visions of the afterlife and deep introspection are some of the topics covered through the 5 tracks that make up The Grieving Path, an album with a total duration of 45 minutes. These times immediately lead the listener to refer to the five stages of grief processing: Denial; Anger; Plea bargain; Depression; Acceptance; It can be defined as a very personal album, with a strong poetic inspiration, in which the listener can recognize lived experiences or sensations that, perhaps out of shame or fear, he never wanted to tell or even accept. For The Storms is a doom/black metal - based project born in 2019 in Brescia (northern Italy) from some of the ex-members of Shantak. The name suggests a feeling of overwhelming discomfort and acceptance coming from the awareness of the shape of life itself, a dirge for darker times. Bereavement, visions of afterlife and introspection are the topics of “The Greaving Path”. Overall, it defines a step-by-step journey across a grief-torn mind.