Dead Sea Apes

Spectral Domain

LP Vinyl Purple/Clear Swirl Color Ltd.
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Manchester’s Dead Sea Apes have quickly built a fascinating catalogue that has breadth enough to house their shape-shifting bulk and is rife with the promise of growth and exploration. From the riveting stomp of ‘Soy Dios’ and ‘Astral House,’ to the enigmatic ebb and flow laden ‘Lupus,’ and straight through to their stunning collaboration with Black Tempest, ‘The Sun Behind The Sun,’ Dead Sea Apes have bewilderingly avoided categorization. You may not know what they are, but you certainly know who it is when the sounds begin to generate. Equally capable of crushing weight and a mesmerizing nimble agility as well as fragility, Dead Sea Apes are about evolution: process defined with no limits. Transformation continues with the follow-up to the critically acclaimed ‘High Evolutionary.’ Cardinal Fuzz and Sunrise Ocean Bender are proud to present ‘Spectral Domain,’ the third album by Dead Sea Apes. From the Lalo Schifrin-meets-Cluster spy theme of ‘Brought To Light’, the driving noise juggernaut of ‘Universal Interrogator’, through to the dubbed out claustrophobia of ‘Sixth Side of the Pentagon’, Spectral Domain soundtracks the twilight world of 21st Century conspiracy paranoia. All housed in a visually striking sleeve and insert designed by Luke Insect on a purple and clear vinyl swirl.”