Dead Sea Apes

Soy Dios

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Cardinal Fuzz and Sky Lantern Records have joined forces (marking the beginning of what will hopefully be a bountiful partnership) to help bring the world Soy Dios, an extraordinary cosmic offering from Manchester's Dead Sea Apes. Ringing out like wind across the Atacama, Soy Dios could easily function as the soundtrack to some lost Jodorowsky movie that only exists in our collective imagination. Sun-baked electric guitar twangs cut across a monolithic rhythm section on the first part of this four-song suite, while the second and third segments dissipate into ghostly drones, with dubbed-out echoes of what has come before occasionally blowing to the surface. As one might hope and expect, it's the last quarter of the record that begins to bring everything back into focus - until the finale swallows you up like a sandstorm. From the very first listen it is clear that Soy Dios is a colossal opening statement of intent from this key UK underground group, and one that is sure to become a critical point of reference for years to come. The album is being released in a limited edition of 350 copies on black vinyl, as well as in small cassette and CD runs. The songs [...] are willed into being by Dead Sea Apes and defined by the slow-build and the careful, nearly telepathic manner in which the band determines when to preserve their power while setting forth with a shimmering, reptilian slither, and when the exact moment arrives to replicate total consciousness-exploding, multi-dimensional rocketry, fueled by the twin engines of distortion and riff. - Ryan Muldoon, Revolt of the Apes