You And What Army Faction, The / Rita Mosss

Sadie's Blood / Sheep From Hell

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Rita Mosss, a punk duo from Greece/Athens. Active and experienced musicians in various bands since ‘99 and very close friends. They are here to remind us about the true essence of punk-rock/noise-rock and awareness of the global political events. Fast intense drumming, with creative rhythm patterns combined with a raging fat fuzzy bass and a truly unique voice screaming on top of it. Some hear a lot of post-punk even post-metal/hardcore influences. Real lyrics, smart, witty, rebellious lyrics that get easily stuck in your head. With a slight black metal touch and darkness on it, all together form the unique raw garage blend known as Rita Mosss. Rita Mosss is active 6 years now, same time as the crisis is heavily going on in Greece. Musical influences vary heavily between decades; also local scenes are a huge influence for them as most bands are friends. Classic bands of punk-rock and noise-rock scenes are also an influence. They are very active in the Greek underground punk/rock /post-punk scene. Their original songwriting, humor (because you shouldn't take yourself too seriously) and electrifying live performances (occasionally with a guitarist on stage) makes them one of the most interesting bands in the underground scene. Rita Mosss now with two self-released and self-produced full length albums, one split EP by Sweet Ohm prod. and another full album ready to be released in a couple of months are ready to hit the stages of Europe, offering a strong punch from below, the very depths of the underground. The You and What Army Faction are a post-punk 4-piece from Athens, Greece. Their sound lies somewhere between The Ex, Sonic Youth, Swans, The Birthday Party, Fugazi, Dead Moon and a dozen other things. The political-economic tensions of contemporary Athens have made a mark on them, making their music dark, howling and dead-eyed. Sadie's Blood is the follow-up release to their last year's full length release, Glum, which received overwhelmingly positive reviews and was considered one of the best albums of 2015 by many Greek critics.