Straight Opposition

Path Of Separation

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Formed in 2004 in Pescara (Italy), Straight Opposition played 500+ shows across Europe supporting killer bands like Madball, Slapshot, Terror, Ratos de Porão, H2O, Million Dead Cops, Raw Power, Total Chaos, Rise of the North Star and many others. Straight Opposition has always stood for the rights of all minorities that are oppressed by the capitalist, dehumanizing way of life upheld by corporations worldwide. Following their 2004 first 3-song promo, Straight Opposition has permanently evolved its sound, rapidly becoming a downtuned old school hardcore band that is not afraid of introducing noisy, groovy, extreme elements. Step by Step (2006, LP, Indelirium Records) was the result of this path and its promotion was supported by several shows all over Italy and Eastern Europe. It was followed by Gathered Against Mediocracy (2008, Indelirium Records), a very fast, aggressive and contaminated 7-tracks EP, and Fury Stands Unbeaten (2010, LP, Indelirium Records). These albums, together with the frantic live activity across 16 European countries, allowed the band to consolidate its name in the underground scene of the continent. Straight Opposition released the 10 Oz EP in 2013 (Indelirium Records) and the self-produced Pescara Hardcore EP in 2014. The Fury from the Coast (2017, LP, Indelirium Records) was followed by a massive touring campaign ranging from Spain to the Czech Republic and was the last album before the band called it quits in mid-2018. Aggressive, darkened and pissed off hardcore with 90s alternative/noisy influences. Old school, fast approach, with some unexpected twists, a modern sound and lyrics against mass society and its contraddictions. A blend of a compressed version of Integrity and Napalm Death without blast beats.