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There are two distinctly different groups of musicians on this record---one band in Los Angeles, another band in San Francisco. They are all one, organic whole: THE UGLY JANITORS OF AMERICA. I invented this band in 1983 in North Hollywood, California, to perform and record my music. Any and all musicians I have conscripted since then are all part of the same organic, whole band and part of my plan to bring my music---made on nothing but my ideas, shoestring, and some duct tape—to the world. Our music reflects all the joy, madness, passion, sorrow, agony, and excitement in life which is often so difficult to directly express. Music is our great expressive outlet for all the joys and madness and sorrows and passions in life. I cannot ever express how exciting and how much fun it is to invent musical ideas in my head, organize them, enlist great musicians to perform them, and happily fling recordings of them out into the world. It is my supreme passion in life. It is my strong hope that this passion has been imbued into this vinyl, and when it enters your ears will bestir you with similar passion.--John Trubee, Santa Rosa, California, May 25, 2014.