Magick Brother & Mystic Sister

Magick Brother & Mystic Sister (reissue)

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Among 2020's best new discoveries! First pressings, on both vinyl and CD, completely sold out; reissue on limited Electric Blue vinyl and CD!

Music, more than all the arts, has the ability to move us to other settings, unforgettable times and moments and hardly describable through rational knowledge. Throughout the world, from blues to voodoo and to the sitar of Ravi Shankar, it has been possible to enter other states of consciousness through sound. Few contemporary artists have been able to understand and preserve this spirit. These create our favorite, memorable records that give us goosebumps as soon as they start playing. The music of Magick Brother & Mystic Sister recovers and reclaims this function, that of being a mystical-magical journey through a refined and profoundly beautiful psychedelia. All the themes are thought out in detail both musically and conceptually, making an exquisite selection of each of the references they use: the music of the sixties and seventies, cinema and esoteric and underground literature, African percussion or cult films. Everything always passing through the filter of an extremely warm psychedelia, which can take you from ecstatic dancing to meditation and the dream of a vampire movie. Different registers change the rhythm of each song: Waterforms makes the sound flow, close to the martial arts films of the seventies and texts of Zen philosophy. Movement 2 is tribal, it takes us to trance and ecstatic dancing; in Utopia the female voices are intertwined with forceful instrumentation, reminiscent of the power of the moon and magic. A melodic and elegant psychedelic album, with some songs to enjoy a trip "seen through the eyes of Quetzalcoatl". Magick Brother & Mystic Sister come from Barcelona and they have no doubts about it: their goal is to make music that transports us to the environment of underground movies from the seventies or some ecstatic dance ritual, only to lead us on to natural gateways to altered states of consciousness. Their self-titled debut full-length will be out on vinyl and CD via a collaboration between Athens' Sound Effect Records and Madrid's The John Colby Sect. "On "Waterforms"... they introduce the heavy-clipped bass of vintage Lalo Schifrin and Goblin into a folkloric horror setting that takes all things Euro to the streets of San Francisco" (Shindig! Magazine)