Moving Oos

Made From Sin

LP Red/Black Marbled Vinyl Ltd.
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Formed by members of Spidergawd, Turbonegro and Blood on Wheels, this supergroup melds the sounds of American Motown and Norwegian rock n’ roll attitude. Made From Sin is Moving Oos’ second album since returning from early retirement in 2018. Moving Oos became known in the late 2000’S in Norway, releasing three albums between 2007-10 before hanging up the hat. Taking their name from a Neil Young reference - the artist once described a specific type of backing vocals as such - they gained a following for their soulful, unique reboot of r’n’b-tinged rock. In 2018, the band decided to come out of hibernation with their comeback record “Romancer”. Now they strike again with their latest album “Made From Sin” on Crispin Glover Records! The band was formed by Per Borten (Spidergawd/Cadillac), Frank Reppen (Blood On Wheels) & Haakon-Marius Pettersen (Turbonegro) and filled out by singer Frankie Castillo. Perhaps more accurately viewed as a collective of musicians than a standard band, Moving Oos also performs as a backing band for other artists. For the uninitiated, try to imagine the sound of Miles Davis’ 70’s fusion-bands merging with Jimi Hendrix’ Band of Gypsies featuring Miles’ wife Betty Davis on vocals. One of Moving Oos’ hallmarks is their clever reinterpretation and references to songs by related artists. In this case, the album’s title track “Made From Sin” was previously released on Spidergawd II, but actually originally composed as a Moving Oos song - the last one, in fact, written by Borten/Pettersen, before the band’s “breakup” in 2010. The album also features an old Cadillac song “Two Times More”, the first song written by Borten that got some serious airplay on Norwegian radio back in 2001. And then there’s “The Robinson Hood”, reference to the similarities between singer Frankie Castillo and Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes. “Made From Sin” is available on 180GR red/ black marbled vinyl including CD.