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3rd full length from Greece’s seminal prog-rockers! With Pablo Solari`s unique artwork, they dig deeper to the oceans of a challenging music that merges rock, folk, classical and jazz. After 2010`s “A Child in the Mirror”, 2015`s “The Finest of Miracles” and 2016`s EP “Tales”, they come back with an eclectic new bunch of songs and a new “home”. “Harvest” is due out on June 4th 2021, on limited edition black and sea blue vinyl, via Sound Effect Records.

“A period of musical creativity has reached an end and we`re now gathering it`s fruits. New music sprang from within us taking shape in this new collection of songs. So, we proudly announce our collaboration with SOUND-EFFECT RECORDS for the release of brand new album HARVEST in LP format.”

“Harvest is the epitome of Ciccada’s compositional skill. From record to record the band grows bigger by holding arrows in its quiver, such as method, honesty and inspiration. Listen to it with headphones, escape the stalemate of the consequences of the endless lockdown and give yourself a precious gift. Capturing these sounds on vinyl is an imperative. Amen.” (Progrocks 9 / 10)

“One is left with a sense of satisfaction that a group you have never heard of have made such a remarkable, intriguing album and one that you know you will want to listen to again and again. This album is spectacular and will really grow on you if you make the space for its fabulous songs.” (Progradar)

“This is a wonderful album, reminiscent of the type Jethro Tull and Renaissance were well-known to produce. Beautiful musical paintings of the past, decorated with wonderful soft music. I highly recommend this wonderful trip forward into a glorious future, built from the folklore of the past. Enjoy this trip through nostalgia.” (Progressive Rock Central)

"Caractéristique de Ciccada, le mix acoustique / électrique et moderne / ancien est somptueux ! Que dire de l’utilisation de lignes mélodiques modales (caractéristiques de nombreux folklores) sophistiquées et très chantantes ? A l’écoute de « Harvest » on pense bien sûr à Gentle Giant, Jethro Tull, Renaissance, King Crimson, …c’est dire la richesse musicale que déploie Ciccada! (Progcritique)musicale que déploie Ciccada!" (Progcritique)