Ambassador Hazy

The Traveler

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Cardinal Fuzz and Hazy House are delighted to bring forth the hazy fried sounds of Ambassador Hazy - ‘The Traveler’

‘The Traveler’ favours a quaint and trippy aura over slick veneer where a naturalistic process is paramount; in hazy traceries of light, flickering with pastoral gauze and a terrifically druggy, weightless vibe.

Since Ambassador Hazy' experiments hinge more on the magic moment-- a "first thought, best thought" impulse the Beats would've admired, than the deliberate path, and with 'The Traveler' their naturalistic-bordering-on-mystical aesthetic is firmly established for the opening bar.

Eleven brightly misty psych-pop relics that barely hang together, revelling in the organic nownes, charting another little section of the sun-baked pasture of Sterling DeWeese’s mind.

Ambassador hazy recognizes the power that can detonate in the mind of the reverent user, blowing open the doors that lead away from self-consciousness and toward spontaneous states where music occurs as naturally as rain. On "Modes Of Transport", a throttled electric guitar howls and hovers in mid-air as we are instructed to ‘leave our body behind’, and “Afterglow " is a cryogenically-frozen Velvet Underground awaking crusty-eyed but unbowed in the new millennium while Syd Barrett wakes after a long nap. If Fitzcarraldo ever gets around to building the opera house in the Peruvian jungle, Ambassador Hazy would be the opening act.