Colin Potter

The Scythe

Double LP Vinyl Ltd.
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Continuing the sporadic reissue programme of Colin Potter’s legendary, home recorded cassette releases from 1980-1982, Deep Distance reissues the seminal “Scythe” set, expanded from it’s initial 1981 ICR cassette releases, to a double LP with all manner of out-takes, alternate and demo versions, creating a killer set for all enthusiasts of Colin’s work as a member of NWW and collaborator with the likes of Organum, Current 93 and Ora and so on… Here are some notes from Colin himself: “The tracks on this album were recorded in the late seventies and early eighties. Side 1, Trk.1 to Side 3, Trk.2 were originally released as 'The Scythe' on cassette, the second release by ICR. 'Nightshift' is taken from the ICR/Aeroplane cassette 'Chainsaw'. The rest of the tracks are early or alternate versions and remixes. Most of the damage was done by myself using guitars, synths, sequencers, drum machines, percussion and modified toy keyboards with fairly primitive 4-track recording equipment. I was assisted on some of the tracks by Jon Caffery, Mel Jefferson and Trevor Wishart, all of whom are still speaking to me. Jonathan Coleclough did the design of the original tape and here we are, 35 years later, and he's designed this release too. We do what we do”. Colin Potter, London 2016