Film Jacket 35

The PR Foundation

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Film Jacket 35 is a garage/indie/power pop band formed in late 2014 by Dimitris Tzamouzantonis (Guitar, Vocals) and John Skevis (Drums, Vocals) in Athens, Greece. Dimitra Sofroniou (Bass, Vocals) entered the band in early 2018. Mired in the middle of a country with deep economic and social unrest, FJ35 set out to bring an impulsive, furious perception of sounds and melodies to the culture that was dominating their mood and attitude. The trio arms themselves with vintage and heavily reverbed instrumentals and delayed vocals to create a 60’s San Francisco garage/psych sensibility that pervades the gritty backdrop with flammable and sunny beats. Influenced by bands from completely different music scenes such as Blue Cheer, DEVO, No Age and Surf Curse, they managed to create a specific style that differs from their inspirations; consuming ceaselessly energy to their live shows. In January 2017, Film Jacket 35 released their lo-fi debut album Limbo Mind & Infected Cells on Body Blows Records while immediately they begun recording new stuff for new releases. As a result, a Zombie EP came out in September 2018 in order to set the stage for their second album in Spring. The PR Foundation is an day off from the cares of life, a rabbit hole back to the best moments of childhood, all bouncy castles, jelly and balloons. Nikos Lavdas was in charge of the recordings, from the beginning until the final masters. Punchy, life-affirming and instantly memorable, it is clearly an upbeat, fun indie rock album that sounds old school and current at the same time. All that’s left is to sit back and enjoy the ride. Co-released by their newly self-funded label Patari Records and Body Blows Records (Crete) in March 2019. "We can move instantly or we can die forever."