Colour Haze


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Elektrohasch 005
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Rerelease of the 2006 classic remastered analogue from the original tapes.


Classic review from 2006: "Colour Haze, the new one ... as always this is definetly something for me. The album contains 8 songs (2.58 - 8.43 mins) with a total playing time of 48.24 mins. The songs are shorter and more compact than on previous albums. Everything sounds a bit more mellow, but surely not more quiet. Yes, and I damn dig it. Hard to believe what a trio of musicians can do. With occasional help of a nice Hammond organ, the strong foundation is still built up by guitar, bass, drums and effect devices. Two tracks are instrumental, one of them almost shares an 'Albatross' (Fleewood Mac)-feeling. My faves are 'Mind' and 'Gold & Silver', these 2 could easily come through a '71 time warp, are unbelievably groovy, and could be the dream or nightmare of Dave Wyndorf. I personally hope that Colour Haze follow this trail in future. A sitar of flute would also fit very well into their sound. Maybe a coverversion of 'Wild Thing' (Troggs), but in Hendrix version? Some US fan shortly wrote: 'COLOUR HAZE HAS PRODUCED ANOTHER HEAVY PSYCHEDELIC MASTERWORK'. Damn right! With great cover artwork. Vinyl comes on 180g wax with gatefold cover." (by Hacki)