Green Pajamas, The

Summer Of Lust

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In 1984 Jeff Kelly and Joe Ross recorded a mess of songs on a 4-track reel-to-reel up in Joe’s attic. They released it locally as a cassette, Summer of Lust. If you hear the Pajamas referred to as psyche-anything it springs from here. We are making Summer of Lust available to the public for the first time in twenty-two years. About time. What you get here is two young guys filled with wild inspiration. Nothing slick. Nothing professional. Just beautiful. How did we get here? GMR Prez Dyer bought the cassette in 1984. Loved it. Called ‘em up. Re-released the cassette. In 1989, Greg Shaw from Bomp started Ubik records in the UK and released it on vinyl to underground acclaim. After that, obscurity. Joe Ross has threatened to release it on his own Endgame label for years, but the threats were idle. 2012 is time to get it done. Remastered by Tom Dyer under the watchful eye of Mr. Ross, Summer of Lust shows Kelly and Ross at the brilliant stepping off point for over twenty-five albums to come. Raw. Simple and complex at the same time. If you love The Green Pajamas, you need this. If this is your first time, start the grand adventure here.