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Stockholm Death Star

12" LP Vinyl Ltd.
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After 2014 which saw the band supporting Goat & the Brian Jonestown Massacre on their European tours . This 4 track EP runs at over 24 minutes . Their new EP is Stockholm Death Star which is recorded in the band's own studio in Sweden's capital and consists of four new tracks. Those of you who are already familiar with the group will probably recognize their trippy spacerock over pulsating motorik beats from their earlier releases, and their feel for melodies is still very much present in the four songs. Produced by the bands guitarist, singer and main songwriter during the dark months of the Scandinavian winter, the music still has an ethereal light glimmering through the blissfully stoned vocal harmonies and chiming twelve string guitar riffs. " If you live in a dark and cold city covered in snow and the times around you are dark as well, you have to look extra hard and try to find a little spark of light inside yourself" as Joakim Åhlund puts it. Three of the tracks have that typical almost danceable groove that we have come to expect from this band and there's even a sort of ballad ending the EP, the almost dubby, seven and a half minutes long, spaced out "Vapour RIP", which though its rather dark lyrics deal with a misspent life and futile regrets, ends in an uplifting almost religious crescendo with fuzz guitars and mellotron strings. Tracklisting: Side A – 1) Stockholm Death Star, 2) I Woke Up In A Dream Side B - 1) Anywhere but here, 2) Vapour R.I.P