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Five years after their debut EP “Miracle Cure” Skalar is back with an album-length CD called “spooky”. The trio still plays their very own blend of folk-rock with a full yet subtle rhythm section accompanying guitar- or Rhodes-based songs with lots of melodies and harmony vocals. The band took their time to finish this album, produced by Skalar and recording-wizard Bernhard Rupprecht at Black Sheep in Neuss, Germany. Bernie was eager to get the best aural results out of the recording-, mixing- and mastering-procedures – and after being one and a half years in the making the album is full-bodied and mature now. The range includes traditionally structured folky songs, enhancements of those with bits of noise ’n’ rattle, some dub-groove-leanings and a psychedelic-freak-out. To expand Skalar’s trio-sound some honored guests added soulful organ-soli, brooding double-bass lines and even more harmony vocal layers (but: electric guitars can’t be found on “spooky”). As for the title: It wasn’t done intentionally but over the years so many eerie and other-worldly motifs came together that the title “spooky” now seems more than apt. There’s a mermaid, a poisonous snake, a big bad wolf, an old lady clearing her good name from the afterlife – there’re little lights in dark woods, strange happenings in a coastal town and some vampires thrown in for good measure. To give the album a jewelry-box-look the graphic-designer Christian Witt developed a shiny Digi-Pak-cover which wouldn’t be out of place in an Art Deco boudoir. So, all in all here’s a little treasure chest filled with heart-felt gems from Skalar – please take your time and listen.