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“What’s not to like about Sons of Otis? Putting on the Toronto trio’s 1996 debut LP, Spacejumbofudge, is like listening to Monster Magnet at half- speed — an engrossing murk of tone and gurgling heavy psychedelia that feels like it’s swallowing audience and universe alike.” - The Obelisk. Sons of Otis has always been a bit of an oddity in the heavy music scene. Founded in the early 90’s in Toronto, their take on space/ston- er rock/doom sounds as if crafted on another planet entirely. Moving at a glacial pace, their music plods onward propelled by massive, fuzzed out guitars, swirling and oversaturated with effects, only to lapse into lengthy periods of dron- ing ambiance. Guitarist/vocalist Ken Baluke shouts at the listener as if from the other side of a black hole, his words echoing on for in- finity, distorted by time and space. And is that a drum machine from hell or a human behind the kit? Easy listening this ain’t - and the band evades easy classification. In- deed, breaking conventions within scenes and their general weirdness have contributed to make Sons of Otis the true black sheep of stoner doom. Spacejumbofudge, their first proper release, already shows the band had found their unique sound, which is perhaps even more vitriolic and brutal than later releases. Almost 25 years after its initial release, it remains an un- derappreciated classic. ...Until now! Totem Cat Records has reissued a new version of Spacejumbofudge on vinyl. The album has been remastered by Baluke himself, and the artwork and layout completely reworked to sound and look better than ever before.