Carina Round

Slow Motion Addict X

Triple Gatefold LP Vinyl Incl. DVD
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Limited Edition - 500 x 3 LP + DVD. Slow Motion Addict (X) British singer/songwriter Carina Round marks her third consecutive Record Store Day release with the tenth anniversary release of her third studio album, the critically acclaimed - "Slow Motion Addict" making its vinyl debut, re-packaged as "Slow Motion Addict (X)" the definitive collection, including the original album, compiled with previously unreleased and highly sought after bonus tracks as the 2 x LP Slow Motion Rehab" and Slow Motion Addict - A Film" making it's DVD debut. This collection has been specifically compiled for Carina's immensely loyal and passionate fan base, who have long championed for this release, in addition to to the many newer supporters Carina has gained as a member of the LA and Jerome AZ based band - Puscifer, with whom Carina is more recently a member, alongside fellow band mates including Maynard James Keenan, also of the bands Tool and A Perfect Circle, some of whom are discovering Carina's solo repertoire for the first time. Proving herself as one of UK's most enigmatic songstresses since the release of her 2001 debut album The First Blood Mystery". Round's music has also won her fans and collaborators amongst highly regarded musicians such as: Ryan Adams, Billy Corgan, Dave Stewart and Brian Eno amongst many others.