Heads, The

Reverberations Volume One

Double Gatefold LP Vinyl Ltd.
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Rooster and Cardinal Fuzz are extremely proud to bring to you ‘Reverberations Volume 1’ - the first in a new series that will draw from The Heads vast collection of Live Rehearsal and Tapes. So where better to start for myself than a rehearsal that I bore witness too – A rehearsal that warped my brain and made me re-evaluate all I thought I knew about music. A band that made me start a record label, a band that I would travel vast distances to witness live, because what The Heads could do – no other band for me could touch. On ‘Reverberations Volume 1’ you are dropped into a Heads Rehearsal from Feb 05 – This is no sedate stereo board live mix so please stay away from this if yer ears cannot take the sound of a band warping time and space via the power of guitar and amps. This is The Heads in their natural home (the Kings Square (appropriately next to the Centre for the Deaf)) playing at speaker blowing volume. From the opening moments when globs of feedback begins spewing from the amplification you know you are in for a no holds thrill ride as The Heads plug in and GO full throttle. Listening back I have no idea how Wayne Maskell and H.O Morgan kept up the assault, as they kick out a relentless energy that at times feels like you are gripping on for the ride of your life. While many of the recent psychedelic bands like to think of themselves as been out there and heavy – it is only when you listen to them next to The Heads that you realise these other bands feel like the equivalent of trying to reach outer space on a trike – The Heads are getting you there on a sonic jet propelled rocket. I left the rehearsal room with my brain molecules frazzled - 79 minutes of unrelenting and unadulterated musical nirvana. Listening back now I can feel it flowing through me all again - Hail The Heads - Sike Rock Legends...