King Buffalo


12" Vinyl 1-Sided Etched Vinyl Ltd.
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Following closely on the heels of their acclaimed debut album Orion, the 24-minute EP Repeater quickly cemented the trio's reputation as one of the most exciting new bands on the psych-stoner rock scene. This new pressing on Stickman features an etching on side B and is cut from new lacquers, making it the best sounding pressing yet. As fans of the band will know, King Buffalo have never been short on inspiration or slow to make their next move. In 2018, they selfreleased Repeater much to the joy of the stoner/psych rock community. Originally envisioned as part of their second LP Longing To Be The Mountain, the band quickly realized that these three tracks had a life of their own and deserved a standalone release. "These three songs developed organically in our practice/ recording space in early 2017. They flow through a cohesive vision and form a complete thought like Orion. It wouldn’t have made sense to us, to have them released in any other way," noted drummer Scott Donaldson in 2018. Repeater is a spacious, warm sounding record — and as the title implies, it’s deceptively repetitious: the songs breathe, bloom organically and envelop the listener while still being hypnotized by its groove. Somewhere between psychedelic, fuzz rock and shoegaze King Buffalo claim their sonic turf, and it’s not hard to imagine this is what big sky country sounds like. Available on 180gr. vinyl including download. Side A has music, side B has an etching.