Black Moon Circle

Psychedelic Spacelord

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Black Moon Circle (BMC) is ready with their new album Psychedelic Spacelord, following up their acclaimed Studio Jam trilogy. Black Moon Circle is a psychedelic jam band from Trondheim, Norway. The band started off as a 3 piece (Vemund- Guitar, backing vocals; Øyvin- Bass, lead vocals; Per- Drums) in 2012 playing gigs in Trondheim, Oslo and Copenhagen. In Copenhagen, they met Dr Space (Øresund Space Collective, Space Rock Productions) and a lasting collaboration started, and thrives and evolves to this day. The Plains EP was released on Space Rock Productions (2014) and included 2 songs from the bands set and one long in studio jam. The band did not sit idle for long and over the last 3 years the band has released 2 additional studio albums, a split 10”, split 7 and completed a trilogy of Studio Jam albums (Vols. 1-3) that have been extremely well received. Most of these are released on the local, Crispin Glover Records label. In 2017 the band expanded into a six piece with the addition of Magnus Kofoed on organ, mellotron, rhodes piano and Jonathan Segel on violin to further augment the bands sound. During a jammed out intense studio session the band recorded 46 minutes of music that are now released on vinyl as Psychedelic Spacelord. In spring 2018 Black moon Circle embark on a European tour together with Øresund Space Collective, starting off May 25th. at Loppen, Copenhagen. Here is what some people have had to say about the Jam series; “with cymbal crashes and full-on guitar howl and noise and general soaking-wet freakout madness all around, and with no place in the universe left to traverse……until next time. “ The