Beatnik Filmstars

Pop Scum​/​Not The Worst Of​.​.​.

Double LP Petrol Green Vinyl Ltd.
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Beatnik Filmstars. A Lo-Fi, Garage, Indie-Rock band from Bristol that lasted most of the 90's and again a few years later...The best way to describe them is Eclectic! Nothing was ever out of bounds. From pure out and out hooky Indie-pop tunes, to weird oddities and crazed noise blasts! John Peel was a huge supporter. (5 Sessions!!) Here they have collected 45 of their favourite songs, and what a mighty fine collection it is too! Imagine if you will a sort of 'White Album' for a band who had no money and had to record as and when & where and how they could, and as cheaply as possible! We think you'll be impressed! In their time they played shows around the world, supported all your favourite big indie names (The Fall, Flaming Lips, Superchunk, Archers Of Loaf, Wedding Present, Slowdive, Guided By Voices, Blur, Lush, The Rod Jane & Freddie Experience etc...) and it was suggested by one magazine they might have been the influence for Blur leaving their 'Country House' and Woo Hoo-ing their way back to the top of the charts with a harder sound... Pavement got the credit, but those who knew, knew. We're saying nothing. This is a great chance for younger music lovers to get a collection of songs from the best lo-fi band ever, and for older ones to remember. All songs are remastered.