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One year and a half after the release of their debut album Baby Guru return with a new album, which is titled "Pieces". A year and a half full of live performances and reviews that have characterized them as the best new Greek band. During this time, the trio of Prins Obi, King Elephant and Sir Kosmiche haven’t stopped creating, experimenting and playing music. Baby Guru stick out their tongues at the high expectations, created by their self-titled first album and continue to do what they know and love, with humility and total dedication, signing once again the production, arrangement and all the recordings of the album. The album opens dynamically with the spell of "Necessary Voodoo" (Get away from your darkest times / there is a new thing going on ...), followed by electrified and atmospheric moments that compose the music nirvana of "Pieces" through 13 kaleidoscopic tracks. Warm earthy tones (The Things You Do, Last Summer), impressive vocal harmonies (Naked Sun, Amaye), colorful psychedelia (Say, Say), abstract beauty (Dolomite Jollity) and addictive percussion (Children, Bog) are mapping the journey of listening through major roads and secret paths. A trip sometimes lazily sunny (For Trish) and sometimes evocatively dark (The Letter, Cyclamen Persicum), with personal stories of the band that mix magically with an energy from other eras that have something of Chaucer's medieval mysticism and Thoreau’s paganism. Besides, Baby Guru’s present is located somewhere between two musical eternities that of the past and that of the future. The rich musical influences (from Can to Mike Oldfield and from Aphrodite’s Child to Syd Barrett) revive, reinforcing their ties with music, and after a debut album where the guitars were conspicuous by their absence, here the band renews its faith to the guitar with the blessings of Jimi Hendrix.