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November, 1987. The Green Pajamas go into the studio with soon-to-be-famous Seattle engineer Jack Endino and some friends. They record nineteen songs live in one night. These are released in a small run, cassette-only, as November. July, 1998. Joe Ross and Jack remix the entire set in two evenings. Never released. This is that … Jack calls it, “maybe the great lost Pajamas album.” November was recorded with same PJs lineup that recorded Book of Hours. Unlike “Book” which was painstakingly recorded in the studio over a year, November was all about what this band sounded like live. The band set up in the studio, complete with hooting and hollering friends and played a nineteen song set. When they got to the end they were done. No retakes. New replacement vocal tracks were recorded a week later the same way, put up a mic, roll tape. One take per song, no fixes. Done. Sixteen of these songs were unrecorded and unreleased at the time of the session. The idea was to clear the decks of all umbrage and prepare for the next master stroke that would be Ghosts of Love. This was a “small” project, for a nearly private audience. Twenty-five years on, it is a pretty great document, raw and powerful. November stands as a unique chapter in the Pajamas’ thirty-album plus discography. Worthy.