Nosso Ritmo

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Yuksek unveils his new album featuring a bunch of France's finest artists on collaboration duties. This fourth album marks a turning point, that of independence and letting go. For three years, Yuksek has experimented, collaborated with many artists for no other purpose than shared pleasure. Nosso Ritmo is probably his most natural album, the one that sprang up by itself. At the release of his third album Nous Horizon (FINE 032CD/LP, 2017), Yuksek announced that it would surely be the last, tired of the music system, of touring. But then the desire came back with a return to the sources: DJing and music for dancing. The Latin, Brazilian influence is very clear in his DJ sets, and his collaborations with Fatnotronic (Philippi & Rodrigo) as well as with Processman and his tribute to Hélio Matheus (Mais Kriola) confirm on this album this taste for the Brazilian sound and the richness of its disco and pop scene of the '70s and '80s (Marcos Valle, Gilberto Gil, Di Melo...) For some, Nosso Ritmo will also sound more Anglo-Saxon than the previous ones, perhaps by his uninhibited and more instinctive approach, by his direct filiation with artists such as Sylvester (on "Into The Light" sung by Isaac Delusion) or his tributes to some '90s dirty house sound with "G.F.Y." (sung by Queen Rose), "This Feeling" and "Gorgeous" composed with Confidence Man. Also apparent on this album is Yuksek's taste for experimentation and de-structured and ecstatic electronic pieces, especially on his collaborations with Zombie Zombie and Polo & Pan, on "J'aime les Synthés" as well as on "Burning", produced with his companion longtime studio Jean-Sylvain from Juveniles. Then there is love and gentleness as in his collaboration with Breakbot and Irfane as well as on "Universal Love", a sort of low-tempo psychedelic mantra, and a direct affiliation with the first French-touch sound on "The Rollercoaster". Yuksek has been making film music for several years and producing many artists, which has allowed him to refocus his personal project on his essence, his first love, the groove. His fourth album is the perfect demonstration of this, a generous, modern and referenced dance music album, subtle, timeless and unifying, Nosso Ritmo, the rhythm that connects everyone. Also features Henriq Ch.