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This the brand new studio album by one of the most important blues bands of the last quarter of a century, Thessaloniki's Blues Wire! Out now on the newly launched Thick Tone label.

JUNIOR GRADE This is my own lil’ tribute to Junior Watson, a brilliant musician and a huge influence. That’s Junior’s voice in the beginning.

FOOLISH PRIDE Niki calls this “the Frog”, due to its strange chord voicing…

SWAG I wrote this cos I wanted so bad to steal something from Kirk Fletcher, another big fav of mine … and I did! Basically a reversed riff by Eli and then some.

STELLA This is a song I wrote for “Stella” guitars, a pre-war parlor brand much loved by blues players. A bonus live track using my infamous ‘Tavlocaster”.

HOLMES TOO Yet another lil’ nod to a great guitarist and inspiration, the eclectic Rick Holmstrom. The rhythm section really cooks on this one.

THAT GREEN GUITAR A song I wrote for that “Kay” guitar, owned and played by Louisiana Red, our beloved friend.

WEIRDO FANK Collected from three different sessions, parts and ideas mixed together in an early Albert Collins vibe… I really like the edited final version.

FALSE ALARM One of the then “fresh” ideas I had about writing instrumental tunes on the guitar, mostly inspired by the bluesy “Blue Note” stuff.

KING ‘O PLANET EARTH A slow blues in the style of the incomparable Texan giant Jimmie Vaughan. The man set the pace for a beyond cool restrained style of playing…his voice introduces the tune.

ODE TO THE OBSCURE This one is also mixed from different sessions. I had in mind sounds and styles from Ronnie Earl to Jimmy Dawkins to Peter Green…SO plays some nice spontaneous lines on this one.

DONE GOT TIRED Just messin’ around lap-style in a Junior Kimbrough mood with my “geetar”, a cigar box instrument made by my buddy Stam.

TX FUEL STOMP I heard so many tales about guitars and gas stations in TX, I thought we ought to try a more up-tempo little thing with some country flavor.

AWH BABY BLUES While the guitar intro “says” T-Bone, the vocals and the overall feeling is inspired by the NY gent and good friend of the band, legendary John Hammond.

THE MINTER TORCH Hey Red, we all who loved your heart and your music, yes, we gonna carry it with pride.

Recorded straight to 2-track during a handful of rehearsals sometime in 2016. Sessions took place at Revolver studios, Thessaloniki-Greece. “Stella” recorded live by Blueberry team at Blue Barrel, Thessaloniki. Produced by Elias Zaikos. Mastered by Dimitris Karavasilis.