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Music From the Basement Vol. 2

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The Basement exists. It’s a real basement lost in the boundless basin of Athens, where a small group of friends used to meet and listen to music for endless hours. Back in 2011, those guys decided to share their passion for music, so they created a DIY blog that soon evolved to a website. In there can be always found all the latest obsessions of theirs, all their music suggestions and ideas, along with interviews and chats they constantly have with their favorite bands and artists. It’s all about music, regardless of genres and years. It’s all about music, regardless of countries and styles. It’s all about music. Two years after the release of “Music from the Basement Vol. 1”, Music Kitchen in collaboration with Melotron Recordings, is releasing its second part, featuring artists from all around the world. 18 bands from Europe to the US and from Canada to Australia and Russia. 1.Whyte Horses - Pop Or Not / 2.The Dandelion - I Stole The Medicine Man / 3.Echo Train - Who's Out There / 4. Kelly Stoltz - Put This In Your Pipe (And Smoke It) / 5.Groovy Uncle - Waiting for you / 6.Bosco Rogers - The Middle (EP Version) / 7.Cyanna Mercury – Lilith / 8.Sir Robin & The Longbowmen - Sunshower / 9.The Wheelers Of Oz – Kidinabin / 10.The Hanging Stars - The House On The Hill / 11.Kim Gray - Perfume Ghost / 12.Moses Gunn Collective - Back Into The Womb / 13.Joel Sarakula - Northern Soul / 14.LL Burns - The Soul / 15.Le SuperHomard - Maple Key / 16. 62 Miles From Space - Time Shifts