Mind Maze

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A band set to remind us there was a time «when music could make a difference», a time when bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and King Crimson were at the zenith. That’s what Pyramid, the instrumental stoner/krautrock from Nuremberg, are. It all began back in 2014, when the founding members of the band (Shane Saban, Julian Klusacek, Michael Kümpflein and Steinmetz-Sascha Dametz) gathered at a house and, as it often happens, thought it was a good idea to play music together. The rest was settled at a bar in downtown Nuremberg and Pyramid became a reality. One year later, Julian decided to study abroad and was replaced by Lukas Schomann. And so it began. While sharing the stage with renowned stoner rock acts like Mr. Bison (IT) and Kalamata (DE), the band ended up at Mach Ma Mecker Recording studio and recorded their debut album, Mind Maze. It was released digitally in May 2019, helping the trio rise to fame as one of the most promising stoner bands in Europe. The album takes listeners to a 40-minute trip in a world full of acid rock touches and stoner, prog rock or grunge influences, spanning from the 70’s to the ‘90s and today. Among them careful listeners can trace band like Yes and Pink Floyd, Kyuss and Fu Manchu, as well as Colour Haze (DE) and Sungrazer (NL). With Mind Maze Pyramid do accomplish a milestone that bands crave for: to build a solid and interesting debut, which is accessible and «fun» through its psych jams and spacey krautrock grooves, while at the same time provides enough hidden musical gems for those willing to listen carefully. Now, after a warm meeting with the Greek stoner enthusiasts, Pyramid are physically releasing the album through Made of Stone Recordings. This new release, available in cassette and vinyl and digital form once again, features two new intro-outro segments as well as sealed, limited editions with refined visuals.