Marc Mulcahy

Low Birthweight Child

7'' Vinyl Ltd.
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A beloved & legendary American singer songwriter is on our next limited 7-inch release. Our label has always been a fan of the former MIRACLE LEGION frontman MARK MULCAHY & was privileged to have his contribution on the 2003 SIGMATROPIC album ‘ Sixteen Haiku & Other Stories ‘ & the 2 track subsequent exclusive remix 12-inch ‘ Could That Be The Voice? ‘. So we are really excited to have the first musical contribution from the Springfield, Massachusetts resident since his third solo 2005 album ‘In Pursuit Of Your Happiness ‘. Extremely proud, not only as this is an exclusive single for Tongue Master & a very interesting different musical direction for MULCAHY, but also because he is making a much anticipated foray back into the music world after the dark event of 2008: MARK MULCAHY put everything on hold to look after his children following the tragic death of his wife. ‘Low Birthweight Child ‘ & ‘The Cottage That We Rented Had a Name ‘ are two gems that will delight the many fans, as there is an appearance of an instrument not prominent on past recorded glories – the keyboard. The breathy, acrobatic, sensual voice remains playfully intact, but the stereo speakers also glow with the warmth of the piano sound that is a perfect embrace. The B-Side ‘Cottage That We Rented Had a Name‘ , is woozy, sublime & Soulful reminiscent of 70s analogue sound, parallel to the world of LIAM HAYES (aka PLUSH). Not sure if MULCAHY was wearing flared pants & wide-lapelled jacket & sporting massive sideburns during this recording, nevertheless it is a timeless slab & a euphoric moment. ‘Low Birthweight Child‘ is MULCAHY in a commanding vocal presence in a fine tempo strut. Another vocal delivery that reminds us why it is much-lauded by the likes of THOM YORKE (Radiohead), MICHAEL STIPE (R.E.M), J MASCIS (Dinosaur Jnr) & author NICK HORNBY, to name a few. At the time of this release MULCAHY will, make a long-awaited return to the UK in December, for the first time since 2005, with a mini tour climaxing at All Tomorrow's Parties and THE NATIONAL - who as curators of this year's festival have recently invited Mark to perform there.