Melentini and the Running Blue Orchestra

Live in Berlin - Milano - Athens

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After the success of her two first studio albums “Explosions Around, the Desert inside” and the “ZRSHA; Fundus Uterus” as well as the compilation of "9 Songs for Post Greek Films" the multitalented Melentini is back with a Live recording with her band The Running blue Orchestra. According to Melentini : " We thought of releasing this rare live recording for our fans who know our songs through the music of our albums and films with the sound of the full band. The Running Blue Orchestra who are my friends and collaborators Vasilis Dokakis (Electric Guitar, Synths and Back Vocals), Kostas Antoniou (Bass), and Chris Vigo (Drums), toured with me in Berlin, Milan and Athens before the pandemic presenting to the audience our work from my two first albums. The idea of the live recording came from our producer and mixing engineer Richard König who recorded it without anyone from the band being aware. He believed this experience was unique because of the bonding of the band members built since 2015. Bottom line is that we wanted to relive and capture for our audience this powerful experience of our recent mini tour. The artwork on the gatefold cover was made by Pan Pan and the album is out now to listen on all digital platforms and on 300 numbered vinyl copies.