Last Rizla


Gtf 10'' Vinyl Red Color Ltd.
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“The last thing he could recall was his fall. But not the landing… He woke up, completely numb head to toe, on a hospital’s bed. He could tell by the glaring lights and the hazy shadows running around his head, though his vision was a fuzzy mess. A sudden burst of severe pain rushed from his left eye to his right toe. He tried to scream but his mouth was seemingly stitched. He found it a good idea to pass out. When he regained consciousness, a quarter of his body was missing; half his head, half his chest with half his heart down to his stomach. Oddly, he could perceive the sensory inputs of both his parts despite the spatial and temporal distance between the two.” Last Rizla is a rock band from Athens, Greece. Staggering between sludge, noise and punk, Last Rizla are well known for their sweaty, stinky but unexpectedly cathartic live shows. KLS9532 is the band’s latest effort, first to include Stavros from Sadhus, The Smoking Community handling the vocals. Recorded in April 2016, it set to release on April 29, 2017 by Fuzz Ink Records on a limited edition of 250 10” records pressed on red vinyl and screen-printed by Fuzz Ink. KLS9532 epitomizes the energy of Last Rizla gigs as well as the hazy bus ride back home... Limited edition of 250 stamp-numbered 10” red vinyls.