Last Harbour

Hold Fast, Pioneer

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Hailing from Manchester, LAST HARBOUR are a secretive 5 piece collective. Their self-produced new album, "Hold Fast, Pioneer", a meticulous and beautiful UK debut, is released and unveiled on Tongue Master Records. This is the first full length, UK release from the band, following the rare 7", "Hidden Songs" and the French released "An Empty Box Is My Heart" and 2002's "The Host Of Wild Creatures", ("Bewitching."- Uncut Magazine). LAST HARBOUR have returned with an album of mature beauty and confidence that will undoubtedly capture their deserved attention within the UK. Revolving around the core partnership of singer Kevin Craig and guitarist David Armes, this intrinsically English band have an atmospheric, cinematic sound, drawing comparisons to such luminaries as THE TINDERSTICKS and LINCOLN. With the deadpan style of Kevin Craig's vocal and the intricate compositions of guitar, piano, violin and a range of other instruments and samples, LAST HARBOUR meld together Michael Gira's late SWANS projects with LOW, NICK CAVE and TOM WAITS, resulting in a unique and unsettling soundscape. Playing epic songs, at once harsh and intimate, using instrumentation traditionally associated with folk music, LAST HARBOUR hammer and sculpt their music into unusual and beguiling forms. This is music with a strong emotional content, both bitter and beautiful. Their obvious love of film, literature and visual art is expressed on the choice of bleak winter Eastern European landscapes that adorn the album artwork. Included with the album is a short film "The Note". Filmed by Kevin Craig, during the writing of "Hold Fast, Pioneer", this black and white short film combines stop-frame animation and painted overlays to tell the story of an unnamed protagonist with an unnameable problem in his ceiling. Inspired by Czech animation and James Whale, "The Note" features a fully improvised soundtrack from Last Harbour. Some of the bands LAST HARBOUR have shared stages in the recent past: Michael Gira & Devendra Banhart | Califone | Josh T Pearson (Lift To Experience) | Boxhead Ensemble | Telstar Ponies | Dirty Three | The Handsome Family