We Are Wood

Heaven's People

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We Are Wood provide the nostalgic euphorical sound of the colourful and mind-altering festivals and spiritual journeys of the late 60s that you were never around to experience first hand first time around. However, with We Are Wood, the circles of time are perfectly looped, and you get to ride a kaleidoscopic sound wave and jump an entirely new tour bus of trippy sounds which these days are more relevant and multi-layered than ever! Leaving you not completely sure of where it will take you, but drop-dead-certain that you wanna go, We Are Wood take you off road and down the spiraling paths of psychedelia, leading towards an entirely new musical era!" The collective's first full lenght release "Heavens's People", took more than one year to complete, and contains performances of musicians from some of Gothenburg's finest acts, including: Den Stora Vilan, IKONS, GOAT, Hills, Lamagaia, SonSon, Cult Of Boyda and URAN. Heaven's People represents the curiosity of exploring music, blending of different sounds and experimental recording. Tracks such as "LOU REED" and "Härryda Commune" concists of sound collages and editing together multiple takes in an experimental, playful way, an element that is present through out the entire record. While "In The Sun", "Antelope" and "Can't Come Back" make a display of the collectives love for "The Wall Of Sound". "Heaven's People", is for you to enjoy, take your favourite seat, close your eyes and have the musical trip you never had!