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Cardinal Fuzz and Manhand are proud to present Headless, the latest LP from nebulous free-rock collective out of Massachusetts, Sunburned Hand of the Man. Eclectic and essential as ever, Headless is a crucial entry to Sunburned’s wildly prolific and shamanic catalogue. Entering their third decade of furtive and fried transmissions, Sunburned not only manage to to live and breathe, but are producing some of their best work. Championed by the likes of Julian Cope, Thurston Moore and Byron Coley (who once called them a “human zoo”), Sunburned recorded Headless back in January 2017 during four days of detainment at Black Dirt Studio in upstate New York, helmed by Jason Meagher of No Neck Blues Band. The project was originally released as Intentions in an edition of 20 cassettes as part of Meagher’s Microdose series. Released for the first time on vinyl, this 2020 edition is a 300 vinyl pressing presented in a 350gsm gloss laminated cover with download code. Headless features a five-strong Sunburned lineup with founders John Moloney and Rob Thomas alongside Jeremy Pisani, Ron Schneiderman and Gary War. Opening track 'Prism Mirror Lens' hits an acoustic acid back porch scorch reminiscent of Phil Pearlman’s Relatively Clean Rivers before leading into the electronic kraut splutter of ‘Experiments.’ ‘Born Clever’ has a jazzoid, proggy groove that would run rings around Saturn and ‘The Great Hope’ rounds out the a-side with a freewheeling wild boogie that provides ecstatic relief. The b-side smoulders and teases via a range of influences that take in psych-folk, Paradieswärts Düül and the great Swedish Silence label. Sunburned have never been afraid to explore psychedelic consciousness and Headless avoids any bad trip.