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BROKEN DOG return with their fifth album "Harmonia" Elusive duo Clive Painter & Martine Roberts re-emerge from their holed up solitary den with their fifth album called "Harmonia". It has been a long wait since their last full-length release in 2001, although both Clive and Martine have appeared to us through their associations with the likes of (The Real) TUESDAY WELD, MONOGRAPH / PACIFIC RADIO, & the international SIGMATROPIC project. Clive has also taken time out from Broken Dog to record and release the instrumental album "Rocket Science" under the guise of WOLF. The latest Broken Dog album "Harmonia" finds the band in a dark and reflective mood; a hint of psychedelia peppers the songs and Martine's vocals are as haunting as ever. Mellow and sublime slow burners such as "I Do Not Trouble" & "The Sound Of Feeling Of Home" are sculptured gems. The album has some sparkling and glorious moments such as "Waiting For Something Big" and the much-played John Peel favourite "Radios". BROKEN DOG’S sound has always been a trip through mellow folk rhythms and hypnotic icy soundscapes. Clive Painter's multi instrumental delivery is as focused as ever whilst Martine Roberts carves out her uniquely inimate style to chilling effect. This is a welcome return for a band much admired. "Harmonia" will not disappoint those who have been patiently waiting for this new offering from a most addictive and introspective band. What they have previously said about BROKEN DOG and their music: " ... Broken Dog are, nevertheless, a warped, experimental version of Mazzy Star " - Q Magazine " Is this music or is it an oil painting? Either way, this is art in the most literal sense " - MAGNET " Martine Roberts' breathy tones remind you of an anglicised Julee Cruise " - MOJO