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Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween! is the grand finale in our series of early, barely released Green Pajamas material. The original 8-song Happy Halloween! cassette was released thirty years ago this month, on October 20, 1984, a mere four months after the release of Summer of Lust. A stunning total of ten cassettes were made for the entire world (or West Seattle, depending on your viewpoint). Those eight songs are featured here as the current tracks 4-11 in their original order. For this release we have added 13 mostly unreleased PJ’s songs recorded in an 8-month period between Summer of Lust and their first single, “Kim the Waitress.” A few, like “Thinking Only of You” saw very limited release on the occasional comp here and there and have been highly sought commodities among the Pajamas collectors. For those looking for high fidelity, you won’t find it here. These songs were recorded sometimes on 4-track, sometimes right to cassette tape. They were mastered from cassettes. What you will find is (mainly) two West Seattle guys Jeff and Joe setting the crucible of creativity on fire. You will find a great bunch of songs that are already expanding away from the psychedelic label they got with Summer of Lust. By the end of this group of recordings, they are becoming the “Kim” band, with Steven Lawrence and Karl Wilhelm becoming members.