Oresund Space Collective

Give Your Brain A Rest From The Matrix

Double Gatefold LP Vinyl Green Color Ltd.
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The material for this album was created on Sunday Sept. 26th 2010 and was released on a ltd. edt. CD digipack in Sept. 2012. Now finally it comes out on vinyl, 500 copies total, in 3 different colors. This is the same studio session that 'Entering into the Space Country' and 'Phaze your Fears' LPs were recorded but this was the last of 3 days in the studio. Claus Bøhling returned and Johan (First Band From Outer Space) had to leave early. Four out of the five pieces of music feature the sitar playing of KG from Siena Root. The material on this album is of a more relaxed and psychedelic nature with some fantastic guitar playing. I decided on the name, which Michael, bass player in Mantric Muse and former OSC bass player came up with, based on that here in Denmark, most people exist connected to the internet matrix nearly all the time with their "smart" phone in their hand all the time and headphones plugged in blocking out the real world. I hope you will enjoy this relaxing journey back or forward in time as you relax and give your brain a rest from the matrix! Space Rock Productions / Scott Heller