Night Beats

Fuzz Club Session

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Seattle garage-rock outfit Night Beats have had an extremely busy year that’s seen their bluesy, psychedelic rock and roll lead them to acquire a cult-like status at an unfathomable pace. The trio is seen by many as “cutting edge garage rock innovators” Louder Than War, which is quite a feat when it’s so common to see modern garage-rock bands fall into the trap of being overly nostalgic to their R'n'B forefathers, to the point of unoriginality – that couldn’t be any further from what Night Beats are doing. In January 2016 the trio released their third LP ‘Who Sold My Generation’ on Heavenly Recordings which was met to massive, wide-spread praise. Fuzz Club’s reasoning behind the live session series is to take some of the best names in psych and rock and roll, bring them to a studio and strip things down to their absolute fundamentals - just raw, unkempt rock and roll, recorded straight to tape in one take using totally analogue equipment. There isn’t a better band to kick-start the series than Night Beats, with their white-knuckle R'n'B and soulful psychedelic tendencies making for a truly insatiable performance. Tracklisting: Side A: 1. No Cops 2. Sunday Mourning 3. Burn To Breath 4. Love Ain't Strange (Everything Else Is) Side B: 1. Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut (Bo Diddley) 2. Bad Love 3. Power Child