Psychic Lemon

Freak Mammal

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Psychic Lemon return with their third studio album, 'Freak Mammal', and their first on Drone Rock Records since their self-titled debut LP back in 2016. Their studio album 'Frequency. Rhythm. Distortion. Delay.' from 2018 on Tonzonen Records, was regarded as one of the best psych albums of the year. 'Freak Mammal' finds Psychic Lemon further developing their unique sound, inspired by many sources including classic space rock, music from 1970s Western Africa and the best of modern psych. As ever, the band aimed to create as full a sound as three people can make, without resorting to endless overdubs. The result is a sound that is wide and expansive, but that can still be reproduced live. While the term "psych" is much overused in 2019, there is no question that this is music made to expand your mind and get lost in. The guitar ranges from tranquil melody to urgent noise, in circular layers of delay, loops and fuzz that seem ready to collapse in on themselves. The bass is nimble but heavy, encompassing melodic phrases, distorted riffs and one-off fills. The drums take inspiration from a variety of sources from Tony Allen to Hawkwind, and are in constant conversation with the guitar and bass. Edition of 200 copies on pale green vinyl.