Shiva the Destructor

Find the Others

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Debut Full-Length Album from Creative Kyiv Unit Delivers Psych-Prog that Feels Like Waking From a Dream. Progressive heavy psych group Shiva the Destructor plays sprawling, spiraling rock music that is superbly sonically crafted for maximum atmospheric flow. Hailing from Kyiv, Ukraine, the formidable four-piece is a band of true compositional ambition. Formed in 2012, Shiva the Destructor and its members are inspired by layers of rock culture from the past decades, pulling their own touch points from classics of the genre(s) to deliver their own personal take on the quintessence of psychedelic rock via eclectic composition, including extended instrumental pieces, incredible vocal harmonies and experiments with the electric organ, as well as brass and oriental instruments. What really sets Shiva the Destructor apart is its unique sonic armament which features guitars with distinctly different tunings (one detuned and one uptuned), which creates both gorgeous sound bath and elegantly piled waves of sound. Work on the new LP, 'Find the Others', lasted for more than three years. Compositionally, 'Find the Others' is a remarkably fluid album—movement to movement and song to song, it flows almost as one continuous piece. Featuring five multi-suite, mini-epics -- many of them hovering around the 10-minute mark -- Shiva the Destructor has created a 45-minute space odyssey that’s meant to be listened to as a unified whole. Conceptually, the album follows the adventures of the titular title character, "Shiva", as he traverses the planet on a journey through the history of progressive psych music. Over the course of the album's songs, Shiva travels around and through worlds, space and time. Finally, he arrives on Earth in the 1960's, and proceeds to wear worn-out jeans and rock out at Woodstock. It then chills on the beach to the sounds of surf rock, falls in love, roams the untouched forests, lapses into self-reflexive battles and comes to terms with himself at the outskirts of the universe. Shiva has fun, suffers, seeks and changes — like we all do. On top of that, the album contains several references and homages to legendary musicians and performers; lyrical and audio Easter eggs just waiting to be discovered by the listener. Shiva the Destructor features Andrii Pryimak (guitar, vocals, backing vocals, keyboards), Rodion Tsikra (guitar, vocals), Andrew Sernyak (bass, backing vocals) and Kostiantyn Kalachikov (drums), who replaced Marco Sharyi - band's original drummer who worked on 'Find the Others'.