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Recorded in Berlin in between tours with The Dandy Warhols and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the record was laid down when the band had 3 days off in Berlin in 2017, with Anton Newcombe playing Bass, Synths, Guitars and backing vocals on previous single 'Bells' as well as operating the desk. Jared Artaud of the band goes into the recording process . “About a week or so before we left for tour I just invited Anton & his wife out to dinner, since we were gonna have a few days off in Berlin. He said "f*ck that… let's make a record… come ready with your ideas.” And that was how we made Berlin EP. “ “I like working with Anton in the studio because through this collaboration we're able to distill ideas on the spot and turn fragments into songs. Anton pushes you further to get the best results and that really drives the process of making records. With Anton you don't get more than one or two takes to record something. You're executing your ideas with speed and intensity then moving on to the next idea. There is no time to overthink when you’re constantly creating.” The Vacant Lots are an American psych-electronic duo comprised of Jared Artaud and Brian MacFadyen. The key element of The Vacant Lots’ minimalist, primitive rock and roll songs is their boundless energy, which tears up the psych template with a genuine punk spirit. The notion of duality is also a recurring theme in the band’s minimal means maximum effect aesthetic, whether in their lyrics or fiercely monochromatic artwork. The group has collaborated with underground music legends including; Sonic Boom (who mixed their debut album Departure), Alan Vega of Suicide (who’s vocals are featured on the band’s second album Endless Night & who they’ve done a split 10’ with) and Anton Newcombe who has recorded and produced 2 EPs at his Cobra Studio in Berlin with the band.