Ekstasis - Live In Rome

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2022 digipack reissue!! “This smells strongly of British Progressive rock, some Quintessence, some Deep Purple (with flute instead of vocals). The organ and flute, and gung-ho attitude, remind me a bit of both Focus and Out of Focus…” – Daniel Dellamorte, music historian and author of the book Swedish Death Metal In April 2018 Agusa embarked on a short tour in Italy. The first stop was at Stazione Birra in Rome where the show was recorded by the resident sound technician Alex Di Nunzio. The full gig – without any overdubs – will now be released on a double vinyl and cd by Kommun2 Records. The songs on Ekstasis Live in Rome contain much of the playfulness and improvisational bravado that fans have come to expect from these Swedish rockers. This is the sequel to the live album Katarsis, but twice as long and with previously unheard renditions of some of the tracks performed exclusively for these Italian gigs. The Ekstasis cover features a simple, pencil-drawn picture of the “flower woman” that has become synonymous with Agusa in 2018. I was made by Swedish artist Robin Gnista and was originally sketched out to reflect the complex, yet raw approach of the music. This is the first Agusa album featuring the organ playing of Jeppe Juul and it was mixed by bass player Tobias Petterson together with sound technician Emil Isaksson. This may very well be looked back upon as the most ambitious release from K2.