Vanessa Van Basten

Disintegration EP

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Bellini says: “The Cure’s ‘Disintegration’ is one of the greatest album ever. Making cover versions from this album has been Vanessa’s secret dream for many years. Now four of these covers have been released, evocative, heavy and atmospheric as usual, with the great help of drummer Francesco Valente (Il Teatro degli Orrori) and other special guests like F. Candura (Jennifer Gentle) and L. Fragiacomo (The Butterfly Collectors). Mankind doesn’t make music anymore. It’s time to replay old music without shame!” Vanessa Van Basten (neither a Dutch singer nor the wife of a famous football player) was born in Genova, Italy, in 2005 as a one-man band. Founded by Morgan Bellini, a dj at the time, Vanessa was immediately acclaimed by critics since the release of the first self-titled demo (later reissued on vinyl in the USA). 'La Stanza di Swedenborg' (2006) is the first full-length album, where bassist Stefano Parodi entered as a permanent member of the band. A cinematic mix of Post-Rock, Doom Metal and Shoegaze: quite a new sound within the Italian underground scene in that period. Several labels raced to produce the band, that seemed to have developed its own style, more focused on the general atmosphere than on brute strength. When permanent drummer Roberto Della Rocca also joined the band, the trio released 'Psygnosis' Ep via Consouling Sounds and started playing live quite intensely until 2010, when Bellini moved to Austria and declared the band was again a studio project only. In the same year, Vanessa signed for US Robotic Empire (same label of Jesu, which Vanessa are often compared to) and released 'Closer to the Small / Dark / Door', their second album. This full length contains shorter tracks and is influenced also by Morricone and by 4AD albums. No promotional tour was planned. In 2013, Vanessa Van Basten released two splits: a concept album with Belgian sludgers Hemelbestormer, and another release shared with Italian friends MoRkObOt. A more eclectic sound, clearly influenced by God Machine and Swans. 'Ruins: Sketches and Demos' was released in 2014, containing outtakes and live recordings. And then the tail end: 'Disintegration Ep', released via Taxi Driver Records on January 2015. Four covers from The Cure's album, reinterpreted with the help of some special guests and friends within the Italian underground rock scene. Bellini now announces that the project takes an indefinite break, after this Ep. Even if Vanessa Van Basten never pushed on promotion or social networks, it is considered a cult band and has unsuspected admirers, as Lamb of God (who said they're 'geniuses') and the lead singer of My Dying Bride, Aaron Stainthorpe.