Call Of The Void

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Available on 180g vinyl. Oakland, CA outfit Lumerians are a prodigious force in the extra - terrestrial realms of modern psychedelia. Since forming in San Francisco back in 2006, Lumerians have traversed their way through multiple different genres - offering mind - bending adventures into everything from space rock, kraut and noise to zamrock , free jazz, drone and dub. Drawing from a range of influences, both familiar and esoteric, past and present, Lumerians conjure up sounds from far into the future. In their twel ve years as a band they’ve toured with everyone from My Bloody Valentine to Kil ling Joke and Black Moth Super Rainbow, putting out a number of critically - acclaimed releases including two ‘official’ albums and two collections of improvised compositions called Transmission from Tellos III & IV. On June 22nd the band will be returning w ith their third album, Call of the Void, on London - label Fuzz Club after four years under the radar. The album is dedicated to the memory of Barrett Clark, Lumerians’ long - time friend, sound engineer and collaborator who passed away in the tragic Ghost Shi p warehouse fire in Oakland 2016. It may have taken the band four long years to put their latest album together but it was definitely worth the wait, their mystical exploratory soundscapes at their finest. Eclectic and vastly multifaceted, the album is fur ther proof - if you needed it - that Lumerians are a singular force in contemporary psychedelia. Talking about Call of the Void, vocalist Jason Miller explains: “If ‘Transmalinnia’ represented the exploration of an alien w orld and ‘The High Frontier’ a voy age through space, ‘Call of the Void’ is a penetrative exploration of Earth through an alien gaze gone native - the weight of gravity, the build - up of pollution and sediment, experiences of ecstatic revelry and tragedy.” Tracklist: 1) Fuck All Y'all 2) Sil ver Trash 3) Space Curse 4) Fictional 5) Masters Call 6) Ghost Notes 7) Clock Spell