Anthroprophh / Big Naturals

Big Naturals / Anthroprophh

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Cardinal Fuzz and Captcha Records are proud to be able to bring to you the devastating unholy union of iindustrial strength punk fury and psychedelic alien soundtracks that is the Big Naturals & Anthrorprophh LP.  Big Naturals are the pulverising noise rock duo of drummer - Jesse Webb and bassist/electronics Gareth Turner who bring forth a sound of floor shaking intensity with warped thunderous bass riffs marred with Jesse Webb’s devastating non – stop motoric bombardment. Anthroprophh is Paul Allen – who through 2 Albums on Rocket Recordings and a 12” on Cardinal Fuzz has shown that he is pushing the boundaries of psych/kraut music to its most avant and experimental limits. Paul is regarded here as one of the greats of modern day astral travellers.  On Side One The Big Naturals take you on a 21-minute hell ride of over amped punked out sludge fury as a multitude of effects pedals and electronic interference blast every sense in an extended sonic white out.  Side Two sees Anthroprophh bring his gnarly freak rock over 3 tracks of synapse destroying guitar mastery and keyboards that lay waste to all known frequencies. The Big Naturals fortify his freak zone journeys with a relentless no holds drive as Jesse and Gareth fortify his outward bound trip. As the record ends there is no let up as the locked groove traps you in the negative zone.  Packaged in a hand assembled, unique cover (courtesy of Sam Giles) that nicely rounds off this sonic titan.  Buckle yourself in for the ride and remember to turn it up LOUD.