Awaken To Destroy

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As many fans know, the arrival of a new FOGHOUND record is an exciting yet solemn prospect in light of founding bassist Rev. Jim Forrester being tragically taken in an armed robbery gone wrong earlier this year. After taking time to collectively mourn their fallen brother, regroup and reassess priorities, the decision was made that Jim would never want anything but for the band to go on. With hearts heavy, Foghound entered the studio last spring to finish the partially complete album with renewed focus. Says Oliver Brewing‘s Stephen Jones of the band and the beer: “Ever since Foghound first played live at Oliver Brewing in the Summer of 2016, we’ve talked about basing a beer around a future release, and that time has finally arrived. I couldn’t be happier to close out the Long Live Rock and Roll series of Double IPAs in 2018 with a celebration of Foghound’s Awaken To Destroyalbum, Volume XII of the series. It’s a bittersweet moment though, a celebration of their art, but also a tribute to Jim Forrester, taken from us in an act of senseless violence almost a year ago. “Awaken To Destroy is a big, bold IPA, aggressively bittered with Southern Cross and Magnum, dry hopped with Galaxy, Ella and Wakatu. Like the music that it represents, there are no compromises! For Jim!” From the first crushing riffs of the title track, the up-tempo thrashers Known Wolves and Cut The Cord, and the stomping bulldozer rhythms of Filthy andKeep On Shovelling, Foghound‘s latest offering has a story to tell. With artwork by artist Ben Proudman, outstanding photography by Shane Gardner and stellar design by Bill Kole, the entire thing, from what you hear to what you see, has been a labor of love. And the time has come to stir the sleeping giant that is Awaken To Destroy from its slumber.