Sagor & Swing

Allt Hänger Samman

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The myth of Sagor & Swing tells that they are children of nature that grew up in the forest. That they at an early age built their first instruments and isolated from the noise of civilization invented a music of their own. What we know for sure, however, is that they make wonderful organ music and have been doing this for some time now. This is their third album, “Allt hänger samman”. The woods have thickened. The melodies have become more intricate and the idyllic scenes now have a darker tone. One slips away on excursions in the faintest sounds through passages where the organ is a tone generator built to recreate the sounds of the forest - the wind, the singing of birds, the creaking of roots. As soon as the majestic introduction “Återkomsten” begins, one senses that something is going on. In “Lövverk” echoes are heard of Kraftwerk and their endless ostinati and the final “Alla sagor har ett slut” is a magnificent, minimalistic bookending. The moods that are summoned in between the songs keeps one helplessly in the world of Sagor & Swing. Of course Bo Hansson and Hansson & Carlsson comes to mind, but Sagor & Swing do their totally own thing, blending swedish folk-jazz, prog and psychedelia. Meditative, sad, cosmic, hymnal, naive and inward looking. A great soundtrack of the deep trollish swedish forests. This is a first-time-on-vinyl reissue of this Scandinavian electronic kraut/psych classic, released only on CD in 2003.