John McBain

Accidental Soundtracks Vol. 1 / The Alpha Particle

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John McBain is a man with pedigree, he was a founding member of Monster Magnet, formed Wellwater Conspiracy with Soundgarden / Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron & Soundgarden bassist Ben Shepherd, was a member of Queens of the Stone Age for their first three shows and participating in Josh Homme's Desert Sessions, in addition to a variety of collaborations with many other artists such as The Heads, Kandodo and many others. On Friday 2nd June 2017 God Unknown Records will release McBain's Accidental Soundtracks Vol. 1: The Alpha Particle. Recorded in his own home studio in San Francisco this record sees the instrumentalist McBain giving us his masterpiece. Although the record may never have seen the light of day if it had not been for a discussion about modern recording technology. McBain says; “This record was the result of a dare. My friend Luis Gutiérrez and I were talking about “how easy it is to make a record” with current technology. So we challenged each other to record a song a day until we had a complete album. This record is the result. I made an Accidental Soundtrack. Took about two weeks.” McBain had thought about the way he used to make music. It was all so immediate. Quick and painless. Throw up some mics. Hit record. Add a vocal and one guitar overdub. Done. No more tracks left. Next song. He wanted to work like that again. Here’s the thing; modern recording technology makes its too easy to drag your feet as there are so many options, so many tracks and lots of distractions. Accidental Soundtracks Volume 1: The Alpha Particle is recorded with modern technology but recorded in an ‘analog’ way. Limited to no more than 8 tracks and using complete takes with the guitar and bass tracks. Make a mistake and you gotta go back to the top. McBain’s first solo album, The In Flight Feature, was a soundtrack for a 70s movie that didn’t exist and Accidental Soundtracks Volume 1: The Alpha Particleis an extension of that idea. But the sounds are more deeply rooted in the 80s, less Tangerine Dream and more John Carpenter. McBain recorded everything himself, except for Colby Hewitt, plays drums on Colby’s Last Ride. The rest is all McBain. “I like to work alone.” God Unknown Records is an experimental label committed to bringing the best heavy far out sounds around. Championing artists including Bardo Pond, Acid Mothers Temple, Clinic, Mugstar, Sex Swing, Cavalier Song, Dead Neanderthals amongst others, while providing a platform for everything from psychedelic rock to folk to punk to jazz to avant-garde music